be Aggressively Power Chill
embrace, calm, happiness, and success

experience life through a new lens.

being Aggressively Power Chill is a means of looking at the world around you through a different lens. It’s goal is personal happiness, and happiness of those around you. It’s not a way to eliminate all stressors from life, but a way to reduce them, make them less significant so that you exist in a happier state in your day to day, and a longer more fulfilling life.





  1. Be chill, life’s too short not to be.
  2. Laugh and smile, genuinely. It makes all things better.
  3. Accept people for being people. They’ll fuck up. It’s ok. You’ll fuck up. It’s ok.
  4. Fucking up. It’s ok, but learn from it.
  5. Learn from people, those like and unlike you.
  6. Don’t worry. Bad shit passes, mostly. When it doesn’t, seek comfort in friends and loved ones .
  7. Have mad love for people. Help them. It’ll pay you back.
  8. Be introspective. Happiness or lack of it is your perception and construct.
  9. Learn and reframe your positions, always.
  10. Enjoy yourself. Success is happiness, and happiness is success.

be mindful, be happy.

We as adults are inundated with data, news, politics, pressure from work, and loved ones. This cerebral overload in turn manifests itself in a series of micro stressors that build up and result in worry, anxiety, anger, and other negative emotions.

Being Aggressively Power Chill is a way to reduce and eliminate these from your life while focusing on increasing your own happiness, and keeping you on the path of calm. At the root of it, being APC is simple, it’s being mindful of the ten things which make you Aggressively Power Chill.

be the best you

Life is filled with hurt, pain, and challenges, which affect us in destructive and negative ways, and while it’s easier for us to lock ourselves inside – behind layers and walls -because it keeps us protected. But it also makes us unhappy and hurt. Being Aggressively Power Chill is a methodology, a way of being, and a system that despite hurt, refocuses you, puts you on a path of calm, love, thoughtfulness and happiness, I’m so excited you’re here with me taking this journey.

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