Life’s short. This is something we all come to understand as we age. Time speeds up for us, years which in childhood took forever, now seem like months, months like weeks. Time flies. #beAPC helps with this by giving you control over your perception of time.

But what does being chill mean you may be asking yourself? The modern colloquial term is broad and can take on many meaning, from being cool, to being laid back, or relaxed. In our instance it means being calm, relaxed, understanding the situation around us, and being able to fashion an appropriate response to it.  Only be being calm can we see the full breath of the situation, because we are able to remove our own emotion form it.

The type of thinking we should be practicing to #beAPC

Let’s look at a few examples, and the type of thinking we should be practicing to #beAPC.

Imagine you got home and your significant other barks at you for something you may or may not have done, say you left your morning coffee in the bathroom in a cup, and your significant other spilled it.

Your natural instinct would be to defend yourself, or go on the offensive. This is our natural acute stress response, more commonly known as fight of flight. When attacked, even by loved ones, you will naturally fall into one of these two mechanism. But in relationships when you fight, you create antagonism, where there is already antagonism, exacerbating any situation. This leads to fights.

Or you flight, leaving the other person stewing at your dismissal of their emotions. Leading to them feeling hurt and lacking closure.

By being chill however you deflect the assault, stop, be mindful of the situation and ask, what is wrong. Depending on the person he/she will eventually open up and explain the real reason for their frustration.

One question I’ve often gotten while talking about #beAPC is the name.

Why Aggressive, and why Aggressively Power Chill, doesn’t that seem like an oxymoron? Exactly. Modern life is such that we have to do everything to the max, we have to take it 110%, we have to be #1. But the term’s absurdity is what puts it all in perspective, you don’t have to do it to the max, you don’t have to do anything to the max, fuck that, you have to do enough of it to feel comfortable, to feel happy, to let the stressors go. When you do that, you’re #beAPC.