Creating love and happiness starts with satisfaction in the things we have.

#beAPC is about happiness first and foremost. We’re inundated with stimuli in our day to day, we’re inundated with thinking that we always need more. More money, a better house, a better car, higher status. But for what? We just keep falling into the same cycles, we earn more, we want to earn even more. We work longer hours. But are we happier. No. What makes us happy is simple satisfaction with our lives, and love. Leading to love and happiness.

In the somewhat short albeit, yet to us great course of humanity, a few things have always held true.

  • There have always been people who have been worried about the state of affairs.
  • There have been people who have cared to change the state of those affairs.
  • Any changes to those affairs have led to by and large the same outcome of the affairs that were there at the onset before said changes.

This care for affairs has however, always left one major thing off the table. Happiness. Simple happiness and satisfaction with the things we do, and do not have.

Humans, for the most part are not complex. We need to have food, home, and health. Then we need, friends, family and not to be downtrodden on, and lastly we want to do things that matter to us, and I’m going to call this last one happiness - yes it’s reminiscent of Maslow but walk with me.

By and large, modern society has given us the first, the second can be a creation of our own, albeit sometimes difficult, but the third becomes complex. Why?

Humans, across the planet, want to be better off. They want their basic needs met, they want to be loved, and they want to know they matter. So why do we drive ourselves to create barriers, kill, cause pain and destroy, things that are contrarian to who we are.

Because even though no one person was ever born wanting to cause harm, we’ve been taught to not think of us as humans, but as sub-species of a species, and this is bullshit.

Name me someone who never wanted to be loved. Name me someone who didn’t want better for the ones they love, and I ask you, ask them again, and again, and they will agree. They want to be loved, they want to be better off.

Institutions indoctrinate us as we walk through life, and keep us beholden to the doctrine, thinking outside of it, is seen as heresy. However, as a people - at our core - little differentiates us.

While I doubt that many of us will go against the grain of thousands of years of xenophobic politics, nationalist idiocy, or for lack of a better term “your god is better than my god” ideologies. I do vehemently believe there is hope.

By stopping to paying attention to that which turns us against us. Debt, government, religion, et al… have failed us through the corrupt want of power for marginal gain by those hungry for power.

But power over what? We all knock on death’s doorstep from the moment we understand our mortality, yet, for whatever bizarre reason we seek to undermine its existence. We think ourselves more powerful - gods, challengers, or are relegated to obscurity.

But instead of caring about a system that has puts us into cohorts and buckets, why don’t we just live? Why don’t we love more. Why don’t we smile more. Smile at someone, hold their hand, and create something positive.

If we all lived life, instead of existing in constructed mechanisms we’d all be better off. After all, name me someone who never wanted to be loved, name me someone who didn’t want better for the ones they love, and I ask you, ask them again, and again, and they will agree. They want to be loved, they want to be better off.

Yet instead of seeing and supporting one another, we worry, what if this, what if that, those people did this, they want to do that.

They don’t. They’re led. Free them, and remember, the world is shit, stop worrying about it. Take power away from those who want it by making the power irrelevant, and put us, all, at the center - we will be happy. And #beAPC.